This Couple Spent Over $30,000 So They Could Have Kinky Threesomes With Giant Life-Size Sex Dolls



Picture this: you’re on your first date with a girl. Not only is she pretty, smart and can carry a conversation without whipping out her phone halfway through, but the date actually went well and didn’t end with an abrupt phone call where her side of the conversation went something like “What? My entire family just DIED IN A FREAK HELICOPTER ACCIDENT?! Sorry dude, I gotta go!” She’s the woman of your dreams, and you’re beyond elated when you pull into her driveway and she invites you inside.

Except…you walk through the front door and immediately come face-to-face with five life-size sex dolls sitting on her couch.

Casual, right?

For Dave Hockey, he was the guy with the sex dolls who couldn’t find a normal woman who’d love him and his…”toys” equally.

Dave has been a collector of the dolls for years after first buying one for a documentary in 2010.

The hobby previously had a detrimental effect on his love life, with women he met cutting off contact after they discovered his passion.

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You can’t really blame the chicks he brought back for being all “Wow okay how about no.” Luckily for Dave though, he managed to find the one diamond in the very-very-incredibly-hidden-what-the-fuck rough, Shawna Bigelow.

Shawna is the first woman he has met through online dating sites who embraced his fetish.

He said: ‘I had been on a dating site and I had a few good candidates, but I had someone that dumped me immediately when they did a search for me on the internet and saw the documentary.

‘I thought what do I have to lose and on our first date it was my dad’s birthday.

‘I stopped by gave my dad a card and took (Shawna) to the basement and showed her these things.

‘I thought, if she leaves me then that will whittle down the choices.’

Fortunately for Dave, Shawna took to the idea immediately.

She told This Morning: ‘I was actually shocked, I knew what the dolls looked like before because I had watched it on TV, but I was interested because they are like big barbie dolls.

The couple now regularly include one of Dave’s four female dolls while they are having sex and Shawna claims the addition to the bedroom was actually her idea.
She admitted that although she gets jealous of the attention her partner gives to his dolls, it is easily overcome.

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I too get jealous when my boyfriend pays too much attention to inanimate objects instead of me. Whenever he sticks his dick in the toaster I’m like “What the fuck Aaron leave the toaster alone, I just bought that.” Afterwards I run into my room and cry for a solid 15 minutes about how the toaster has a shinier and better complexion than I do and how I can’t compare with stainless steel products from Bed Bath & Beyond.

If you’re curious as what these sex dolls look like, check it out below…but don’t be surprised to find yourself thinking “Yeah, I still wouldn’t put my dick in that.”

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