Russian Guy Puts Security Cam Outside Of His Apartment And Records The Craziest Neighbors In History

This is one of those clips which I saw in passing and assumed that it wouldn’t live up to the hype of whatever headline I read was selling…I was wrong. In this footage, we see a Russian ‘pensioner’ place a security camera outside of his apartment to keep tabs on his certifiably insane neighbors. In turn, the neighbors lose their shit over the camera and repeatedly take hammers to the camera and paint over it…But that’s not what makes this footage insane.

What’s insane is this person manages to film domestic disputes, blacked out drunks, and someone who just got shot…Yes, there’s a fucking shooting victim in this guy’s apartment building.

The neighbors clearly don’t want to be filmed, and I’m a huge proponent of an individual’s right to privacy. But if there are shootings going on in your apartment building and your neighbors are acting like this then I think you have every goddamn right in the world to put up a security camera.

One thing I’m interested in is how far off this apartment building is from the average Russian apartment building. Russia’s full of drunk, crazy people. Russia has some of the highest per-capita alcohol consumption of any country on the planet, everyone’s shit faced at all times. Is this building really any different from your average Russian apartment? I’d think not.

(h/t r/videos)

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