Creepy Uber Driver Decides To Be Proactive And Tries To Break Into The Apartment Of Two Female Passengers

There should honestly be a whole subsection in the ‘Missed Connections’ part of Craigslist for UberPool. “We shared a ride from midtown. You got out at your apartment and I continued on towards the train station. I was very drunk and kept mumbling about how many Hot Pockets I was going to eat when I got home. You had blond hair and kept asking the Uber driver how much longer until we got home.” I mean, you never know when and where you’ll find love, and I don’t think drunk in the back of a car while economically saving a few dollars is that horrible of an idea.

However, your Uber driver is a whole different story. Completely different animal. The driver is supposed to be the responsible one. If you climb into a car wildly intoxicated, it’s the job of the driver to make the best decision for you. So if the driver turns around and starts telling you how great he is in bed and why doesn’t he come in and show you, then you have a whole host of new problems on your plate that you now need to figure out despite the fact that you’re beginning to taste blood in the back of your throat from all the well liquor you drank. So this Uber driver who decided to sneak into the apartment of two girls who he had recently dropped off is pretty much my living nightmare.

Via The Smoking Gun:

“Today’s creepy encounter with an Uber driver comes from St. Petersburg, Florida, where a worker with the transportation firm was arrested for prowling outside the apartment of two women he had dropped off around 4 AM Sunday. Cops allege that Christopher Cuccorillo, 40, “had dropped off two young females” about an hour before a witness called to report hearing Cuccorillo “in the back of the condo building tampering with the rear window of their apartment.”

According to a criminal complaint, the witness reported spotting Cuccorillo “walking back and forth” behind the condo in an area secured by a six-foot fence (and which is “not within public view or open to the public”).

When confronted by police, Cuccorillo claimed that he was “checking on the females per their request due to their intoxication.” But when officers spoke with one of the women she “advised none of them made that request.”

During questioning, Cuccorillo’s story “changed several times” and he was “not able to dispel officer’s alarm.” Consequently, Cuccorillo…was arrested for loitering and prowling, a misdemeanor. The Uber driver was booked into the Pinellas County jail, from which he was released late Sunday morning after posting $250 bond.”

Come on. I mean, why is this even a real thing we have to worry about? These two girls were trying to be safe and not drive after a night of drinking and instead got some guy who would have been a rapist if the police had not shown up. Can anyone just sign up for Uber? Like there’s no sort of check-in or quick background check. Will this guy be able to sign up to be a driver again? These are all questions I’m probably going to be asking myself next time I climb into an Uber. Though, in the spirit of honesty, I will more than likely not be in that danger since I don’t think anyone is trying rape a dude who looks like the prep-school version of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.