Cristiano Ronaldo Slid Into Hot Russian Dancer’s DMs And She Immediately Sent Pics Of Her Bubble Booty



One of the billion perks of being one of the most popular athletes on the planet and having a body that looks like it was carved out of marble, is that your reputation proceeds you. Guys like Cristiano Ronaldo don’t need to think of a clever opening line or pepper her with questions about herself to become relevant. Guys like Cristiano Ronaldo can send something like “Cock, Balls” and the chick on the receiving end will dump her loving husband in hopes to get a couple souvenir pubes from one of the greatest soccer players on the planet.

This theory could not be more supported in the recent exchange Ronaldo had with Russian dancer Alena Alexandrova. The Russian press published a private conversation the soccer star had with Alexandrova–who received Ronaldo’s Whatsapp information in exchange for twerking videos and booty pics.

It is very apparent that Ronaldo has less game than that kid on your middle school basketball team who wore Rec Specs and jean shorts to the games. It also seems he does not have a confident grasp on verbiage and rudimental grammar rules. Grammar rules are irrelevant when you have enough money to buy a unicorn.

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“Good night beby.” The man’s a genius.

[h/t LADbible]

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