Dirtbag Dad Intentionally Crashed His Car At 75 MPH In An Attempt To Kill His Toddler Son And His Reason Is Pathetic

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I thought I had turned it around. I really did. I woke up and blogged about an Florida State wide receiver eating lunch with an autistic kid sitting alone in the cafeteria and I was momentarily at peace with the world. I was beginning to believe in people.

But, within minutes, I was whacked in the face particularly hard with the unforgiving dick of Evil and I’m back on the depressing train.

A 29-year-old Colorado man named Nathan Weitzel  is facing attempted murder charges after admitting to authorities that he intentionally staged a car crash in an attempt to kill him toddler son on August 21st. The motive, according to investigators: ‘The reason he wanted to kill Isaiah was because being a father was a big responsibility and he did not think he was man enough to raise a child.’

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Arapahoe County Sheriff's Office

God, what a spineless bitch.

Nathan told investigators that he used cocaine to gain the courage to drive 75 mph into several cars after he intentionally left his son’s seat belt unbuckled, according to KHOU. He buckled his own belt, however.

His two-and-a-half year year old son, Isaiah, survived the crash, but now lays immobilized in a body cast that covers half his body. The boy’s mother, Nancy Lopez, says that it will take two months for him to regain his ability to walk.

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One of those witnesses of the incident was Sam Schulte, who lives down the street and heard the crash.

“I pulled the window off, and I pulled the door open, my neighbor got him out of the car and put him on the ground,” Schulte said.

He says he then tried to comfort the boy by rubbing his back.

The crash happened in Cindy Rosa’s next door neighbor’s yard. While she was calling 911, she says she saw Weitzel “hitting the child … it looked like an elbow. It was horrifying.”  [via KHOU]

Fortunately, the boy is expected to make a full recovery, although the road is long. Nathan, on the other hand, faces a slew of charges including first-degree murder, child abuse, assault, criminal mischief, possession of a controlled substance and vehicular assault.

A GoFundMe account has been set up for the Isaiah’s recovery. Follow the link HERE if you’d like to contribute to the cause.

[h/t Daily Mail]

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