The Dad Who Created Beeping Easter Eggs For His Blind Daughter To Hunt Is An Inspiration To Bros Worldwide

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David Hyche is an exemplary dad-bro.

David’s daughter was born with a rare disease that deemed her completely blind since she was four months old. The devastated father contemplated how fulfilling a life of complete blindness could possibly be. He was reassured by his daughter’s spirit when she constantly declared “I’ll do it by myself,” to tasks that my lazy ass would try to have someone else do.

So nine years ago, Hyche, an ATF agent familiar with technical gadgets, built an Easter egg that could be tracked down by the beeping sound within it so his daughter could participate in an Easter egg hunt.

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The eggs have now raised the eyebrows of the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators, who have funded a charity project that would facilitate in the mass production of the beeping eggs for the benefit of visually impaired children everywhere.

Cheers, David. Keep reminding me of how shitty of a person I am in comparison.

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