Dad Shows Up To School To Fight His Daughter’s Bullies, Gets Pounded By School Resource Officers Instead

by 3 years ago

Michael Zellars, father to a young female student at Lithonia High School in DeKalb County, Georgia, has been charged with battery after allegedly showing up at his daughter’s school and attempting to fight the girls bullying her. Filmed by a cell phone, Zellars says the video depicts him breaking up a fight between the girls rather than instigating one himself.

“I go to pull them off and security attacks me,” he explains, however according to Daily Mail a police report states that “the officers saw an unprovoked Zellars punch one girl in the face” and also “threatened to return to the school and fight the girls again.”

Both Zellars and the girls involved reportedly face charges of misdemeanor battery, obstructing law enforcement and disrupting a public school, and while Zellars remains free the students were also suspended until the end of the school year and taken to a juvenile detention center.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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