Hardass Dad Makes His Son Take A Sledgehammer To His Xbox After Getting Bad Grades

by 4 years ago
dad son destroy xbox sledehammer


So you like playing your Xbox instead of studying for your exams, huh? Not in this dad’s house. In this dad’s house if you get bad grades because you spend a little too much time playing Grand Theft Auto V you get to take your console out in the front hard and destroy the shit out of it.

Of course dad also films it, because, well, I don’t know why. A reminder for later?

“Pick up the fucking sledgehammer and smash it,” dad says as his son looks on with the saddest face EVER.

I like how the son blames his teacher too. Bro, that never works…

No word yet on what ever happened to that second gaming console, but judging by his dad, it got blowed the hell up as well.