This Dad’s Response To What People Said About His Son Dressing Up As Cruella de Vil For Halloween Is Spot-On

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Photo via will hutt/facebook

Halloween is the one day of the year you can wear literally anything and no one has the right to say shit about it. I’d elaborate, but our girl Lindsay Lohan said it best in Mean Girls:

The same goes for everyone, really. Guys can wear what they want, children can wear what they want (barring anything genuinely inappropriate, such as dressing like a stripper or something) which includes this baller Cruella de Vil costume made by 9-year-old Liam, who apparently designs, draws and pulls together his very own Halloween costume every year. In all honesty, as you can see above the costume is badass, but unfortunately for Liam after his father posted the aforementioned photo onto Facebook apparently not everyone agreed:


will hutt/facebook

Rather than slamming back with personal insults and jibes, Liam’s father Will took the high road and gave the most spot-on response any parent could give:


will hutt/facebook

According to Metro, Will and Liam have both received hundreds of messages from around the world after Will’s response went viral:

‘Liam, you go kid! Don’t let anyone tell you how to act or dress, I think your costume is absolutely brilliant… keep that creativity flowing mate and you never know where it will lead you. Will you an amazing father! Much love & support from Australia!’ wrote one woman.

Another commented: ‘Halloween is about selling the character and the transformation. It is my favourite holiday solely because of the preparation and planning that can go into it. The attitude is completely on point and I have nothing but props for you and your son.’

Putting the final nail in the coffin, Will stated “The most acceptable costumes for boys seem to usually have something to do with blood, gore and killers. They find that more acceptable? I say live and let live. He’s 9. More kids should be allowed to explore their interests without fear.”

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