Damn… Look At The Crazy Amount Of Damage A Bird Did To A Giant Airbus 321

plane damaged by bird


An American Airlines flight headed for Texas was taking off from Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on Wednesday when it encountered what is being called a “bird-strike.”

They didn’t say what kind of bird, but by the looks of the damage to the plane it must have been a goddamn pterodactyl.

That or The Hulk thought an agent of HYDRA was on board and decided to take matters into his own hands.

ABC News reported that the pilot told air traffic controllers, “looks like we hit some birds after takeoff, we’re gonna need to go back and have the airplane looked at.”

No shit.

Did it hit like 100 birds all gathered up into one unbreakable ball? Was the bird Michael Keaton dressed up as Birdman?

Luckily for the 150 passengers and six crew on board the Airbus A321 was able to turn around and land safely, which is more than I can say for whatever bird or birds got clipped by the plane.

RIP birdies.

H/T Some eCards; Photo: Philip Pilosian / Shutterstock.com