Dan Bilzerian Shows Off Expensive Car Collection, Which Is Probably Ill-Advised, Considering He’s About To Get Sued

Dan Bilzerian must walk the earth with the Big Sean song I Don’t Fuck With You on repeat in his head. The bro just doesn’t give a fuck.

Yesterday, Dan Bilzerian posted a photo of his sick car collection on Instagram. Among the collection is a Bentley Continental GT and Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6.

The caption was just as insane as the rides, with Dan Bilzerian admitting “I love the holidays, my aunt told me that guys who have expensive cars are compensating for a small penis.”

It’s perfectly natural for a bro to brag about his expensive toys, but maybe with pending legal issues, Dan Bilzerian might want to lay low. The last thing he wants is some porn star riding off with one of these rides.

Of course, with the Big Sean pumping in his head, he don’t give a fuck, he don’t give a fuck.

[H/T: Empty Lighthouse]