Dan Bilzerian Trolls Followers By Posting A Picture Of His Dental Floss Legs

Danny B is a polarizing figure. He lives the life we all wish we could, while seemingly not lifting a finger to do it. While we’re slaving over Excel spreadsheets and eating Ramen until our next paycheck, Bilzerian is on a yacht in Bali with an army of gorgeous chicks ready to toss his salad for a few more Instagram followers. His success is only bolstered by lavish partying, while most of our bank accounts get demolished after a long weekend at the Howard Johnson in Atlantic City (of which I’m not allowed back because I allegedly showed the front desk dude my mangina. I have no recollection of this.)

Point is, Bilzerian’s lifestyle garners lot of resentment, whether deserved or not. So when Bilzerian posted a photo last year of him working out (arms), he was hammered with insults about his particularly stringy legs.

James was particularly salty.

Most recently, on a trip to Bali, Bilzerian awoke the trolls once again by photoshopping his legs to look like a young Forrest Gump’s. He looks like a goddamn trash barrel on stilts.

The photo amassed thousands of comments, most aware that Bilzerian was trolling his followers, but some genuinely confused.

As far as leg day for me, I take NO days off…

[h/t LADbible]

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