Dash Cam Video Captures Theft Of Jeep, Police Chase And Brutal Crash

Three criminals robbed a man at gunpoint of his Jeep in broad daylight at a popular Wichita, Kansas park. The proceeding escape, police chase and eventual crash was all captured on the Jeep’s dash cam.

The owner of the brand new vehicle was held-up at Sedgwick County Park by a 16-year-old male. The thief took the car and did not realize or care that the dash cam was capturing his crime. The man immediately called police and the emergency dispatcher notified officers in the area to be on the lookout for the bright blue Jeep. Someone took the time to sync up the video from the dash cam as well as the call to 911 and it tells the story wonderfully.

The stolen vehicle hit 63 miles per hour going through Sedgwick County Park, then seven minutes later once it is out around town, a Wichita police officer spots the stolen vehicle and that is when the chase begins.

The thief runs several red lights and even gets the Jeep up to 94 mph as he’s going over railroad tracks. Despite being an outlaw, the criminal is very cognizant of blinker etiquette. “The next thing that caught my attention was the sheer fact he was using his blinkers,” the Jeep owner said. “I couldn’t imagine why you were using your blinkers if you’re already on the run.’

After only 11 minutes after the Jeep was stolen, the driver makes a near deadly error when he speeds through a red light and loses control of the Jeep and crashes directly into a pole. He is determined not to get caught and runs away from the accident.

Police soon find and arrest the 16-year-old thief on a charge of aggravated robbery.

C’mon people, you can’t be stealing bright blue Jeeps. You need to steal like black Honda Civics, or something a little less flamboyant.