WATCH: Handcuffed Woman Steals Police Cruiser And Takes Cops On Insane 100 MPH Car Chase

by 5 years ago

Looks like someone has been playing a little too much GTA lately.

We take you to suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where one brazen dumb criminal attempted a getaway for the ages. The 27-year-old Roxanne Rimer was handcuffed and sitting in the backseat of a Center Township police cruiser. While police searched her car, Rimer managed to shimmy through a plexiglass partition and get into the front seat.

Despite her hands being handcuffed behind her back she was able to steal the police cruiser. She contorted one of her hands behind her back to work the steering wheel and was off. She smashed into the car in front of her that had her grandpa in it (We’ll get into that later).

Rimer then took area police on an insane car chase over nine minutes and over 10 miles. Dashcam video shows the criminal speeds around in the police car with it’s lights and sirens blaring as she weaved through traffic and hit speeds at over 100 mph.

Apparently driving while handcuffed is a tiring task and at one point she stops to ask a pedestrian to drive the car for her. What sane person says, “Yeah let me drive this woman in handcuffs who’s in a police car with it’s lights flashing with half the Pennsylvania State Troopers following.”

She finally ditches the car and makes a run for it, but is apprehended by the police.

So now Miss Rimer faces a shit-ton of charges. You’re probably asking, “Wow she must have been in pretty serious trouble, like murder trouble, for her to steal a police car?” The answer is, “No.”

The reason she was arrested the first time and running from the cops was to evade shoplifting charges. For stealing earrings. From Kohl’s. Not exactly an Oceans Eleven operation there. No offense to Kohl’s, I’ve gotten some sweet Marc Anthony clothing there, but how much could earrings from Kohl’s cost? $89? What a fucking idiot.

Rimer allegedly pushed over a security guard at the department store and fled the store with the stolen merchandise. Her getaway car was driven by her grandfather. Only one problem, her grandfather was not in on the epic heist and just drove her there so she could do some shopping. She forcibly stepped on the gas pedal and made her grandfather drive the vehicle.

What a complete and utter waste of humanity this woman is. You get your dear grandpa in trouble because you steal earrings that you’ll probably trade for meth.


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