Dating Website Boots 3K Users For Not Being Attractive Anymore And Check Out The Woman Who Had Surgery JUST To Join

The dating website wants to live up to their pretentious but profitable name by not permitting any unattractive on their website. It’s well within their rights.

Unfortunately for some current users, the website is now keeping tabs on whether users stay attractive and last week kicked out people not holding up their end of the bargain.

“This may sound harsh, and it is the most difficult part of managing the business,”’s co-owner Genevieve Hodge said in a statement.

“We take no pleasure in removing members, but it is a necessary evil in order to maintain the beautiful community and our prized business model.”

Harsh, but, it comes with the territory when signing up for a website called Beautiful People. It’s actually not the owners of the website that are crowing people “hot enough to stick around.” The profiles are voted on by users of the website. It’s the tribal council of hot people.

The website must do enough that booting 3,000 users based only the group opinion doesn’t effect the bottom line. Hint — it does. It does so well, women are getting plastic surgery just to be considered good looking enough to become a member.

Tawnie Lynn, a model and actress, went under the knife in an effort to impress the website owners and she’s happy Beautiful People is booting the less than beautiful people.

Tawnie, who poses seductively in a bikini for her profile pictures said: ‘If the management failed to maintain the quality of the site by polluting the gene pool, most members would leave.

‘It would make Beautiful People just like every other dating site – full of the kind of people you wouldn’t want to share an elevator with, let alone date.’

Here’s a current photo of Tawnie Lynn.

“Letting unattractive people populate the site would compromise the very concept for which was founded,” said Greg Hodge, co-owner of the website with his wife.

So what happens when the owners are voted not good looking enough to run the website?

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