Ratch Day Care Center Accused Of Waterboarding A Toddler With Hot Sauce For Not Listening



A day care center in Arkansas is in some hot water after using a technique even the CIA deemed too extreme to discipline a special needs four-year-old.

And they kicked it up a notch.

Melaina Whitley says an employee at Friendship Pediatric Services poured hot sauce down her son’s throat as punishment for him hitting other kids.

From US Weekly:

Melaina Whitley tells Us Weekly that Tanner, who has special needs, was picked up early from Friendship Pediatric Services in Bryant, Arkansas, because he had a fever and was throwing up. Whitley assumed he just had a bug. But a few days later, Tanner made a comment that left her reeling. “He said, ‘I got hot sauce at school,’” says the stay-at-home mom. “He said it was hot and he had to get water. I’m assuming that [the teacher] really had to force the hot sauce down.”

While retelling the story, Tanner was visibly shaken. “He was upset and kept saying, ‘It’s not funny,” Whitley says. “So maybe they were laughing when it happened. But I wasn’t laughing.”

Whitley went to the police after hearing her son’s story. When interviewed, the teacher said “this is common discipline for children in her culture.”

Well, no. It was, that’s true, but Obama outlawed waterboarding in 2009. Get with the times.

The Arkansas Department of Human Services is currently investigating the day care center’s actions.

[Via ABC7]