Try These ‘Deadmill Sprints’ Today Because It’s The Hardest Treadmill Workout Ever

I hate treadmills. I used treadmills but I hate treadmills. I never thought of using a treadmill by using it when it’s off. Perhaps this workout was inspired by this guy at my gym.

Anyway, these deadmill sprints look intense. Here’s how to pull them off…

How To Do Deadmill Sprints

“When you begin, make sure the treadmill is off and place both hands on the handle in front of you. No need for a death grip—you want to keep your arms and shoulders loose, yet have something to brace against. Using the handle for support, push and start digging your toes as if you’re trying to run while pushing a heavy object (like a prowler push). It’ll take some grunting to get the belt moving at first, but once you do the real challenge is in keeping it moving while sustaining decent speed.” — via Lifehacker

I guarantee if you try these today you’ll get an insane workout and every at the gym will be doing them by next week because people are followers.