Douchebag Nearly Kills People, Destroys His $845,000 Porsche Spyder And Is All Smiles About It

Money can buy nice cars. Money can buy a big house. Money can get you gold-digging chick. But money can’t buy class or driving skills, which this rich idiot is thoroughly lacking.

We take you to the Epi-Plage Hotel in beautiful Saint-Tropez, France where wealthy Europeans love to holiday. This gentleman appears to have had a grand time at the resort and possibly indulged in too many watermelon martinis or just flat out doesn’t know how to drive his fucking 918 Spyder.

Within three seconds, he goes from giving a douchechill-enducing horns gesture to nearly running over pedestrians that were only 20-feet right in front of him to crashing his supercar.

How you gonna wreck you’re Porsche 918 Spyder in the parking lot? You’re not on the Autobahn. You’re in a parking lot. We’re talking about a parking lot, not a highway. A parking lot.

Despite wrecking his Porsche that has a price tag of $845,000, this fuckface is just chilling and enjoying a beer as the entire hotel staff pushes his car out of the trees.

Motherfucker, you need to put that beer down and start singing, “Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there!”

Is my anger bubbling because I know he’ll just buy another $845,000 Porsche Spyder tomorrow? Indubitably.