Woman Gets Into Disney For Free Thanks To A Dad Who Never Throws Away Anything


via Chelsea Herline

Chelsea Herline got a day at the Magic Kingdom thanks to a packrat father and a 22-year-old unused pass.

Her dad dug up the old ticket while cleaning out the house and realized Chelsea’s ticket had one valid day left to use.

“It was a four-day pass, and I used to get sick all the time on vacation when I was little,” Herline told Upworthy about the trip she took as a four-year-old. “We went for the first three days and I got sick on the last day.”

Herline figured she’d give it a shot at the park entrance.

“I just went up to the window. I wasn’t expecting to spend the day there; I didn’t bring anything (or anyone) with me,” Herline said. “They were pretty surprised. The girl working there was younger than me and said, ‘Wow, I’ve never seen one this old before!,’” she added. “She called her manager over and they were super nice about it.”

The manager let her in and immediately put her on a watch list. NO ONE takes cheese out of the mouse’s mouth, no one!

She didn’t really get in for free since dad paid for the ticket back in the 9-4 but according to this website, a 4 day pass back in 1994 cost about $107 dollars. Today, just one day in the park for an adult costs close to $100. So she definitely got dad his money’s worth.

[via Travel & Leisure]