Bro Uses WhatsApp To Divorce His Wife, Has People Wondering If That’s Even Legal


In some sects of Islam, all it takes to get a divorce is to say “I divorce thee” three times in a row to the person you are married to.

Pretty simple, huh? It’s called the triple talaq, and after the third “I divorce thee,” the marriage is considered null.

It’s as old as Islam itself, so you can imagine the confusion when the practice comes up against modern technology.

A man in Indian texted his wife the triple talaq using WhatsApp, and no one knows if the divorce should be considered valid.

The Times of India reports scholars are divided over the issue.

The talaq is valid said a member of the Samastha Kerala Jam-Iyyathul Ulama, on Tuesday “The divorce, however, will be granted only after holding discussions with both the man and wife and their family members. If the husband sticks to his stand, divorce will be sanctioned,” said Sayyed Attakoya Thangal, the district president of the Ulama.

Another member of the same organization who’s also chairman of the state Haj committee, said the WhatsApp message was not a legal document. “Talaq should ideally be done face-to-face. If it is not possible, talaq can be done after presenting relevant documents signed by witnesses,” said Kottumala T M Bappu Musaliyar.

The couple had only been married for four weeks prior to the text talaq. Ten days in, the Bro bolted from Kerala, India to Dubai, then waited three weeks to tell his wife he no longer wanted to be married.

According to the story, his reason was that “she was like an apple and he had already tasted it. So he did not want her anymore.”

Cold Bro, on so many levels. Conforming to proper Islamic ritual or not, that’s just wrong.

[Via the Daily Dot]