‘DO WHAT YOU CAN’T’ — The Most Inspiring YouTube Video You’ll Ever Watch

When it comes to your life plan, ever have someone tell you that you can’t do something that you really, really wanted to do? We all have. A middle school math teacher. A family member. A friend. A boss. That one negative Nancy with terrible cosmic energy. Fuck negative energy like that.

There is no bigger buzzkill in the universe than that small-minded two-word phrase — “You Can’t.” If you want to live the dream — however you define “the dream” — “You Can’t” will never hold you back. It empowers. It creates meaning. It sharpens the vision. It gives purpose. It defines the mission.

As one of the most successful creatives on YouTube, no one knows that “You can’t = I will” more than Casey Neistat, a dude who once blew a huge check that Nike gave him for an epic trip around the world to make a video about “making it count.”

His most recent inspiration porn is the video about laughing in the face of that teacher who once told you “you can’t” with your dreams.

“All you need is your phone, an Internet connection, and a good idea”

In the wise words of Hunter S. Thompson: “Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.”

Do what you can’t.

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