Does This Chick Deserve Your GoFundMe Sympathy to Remove Her ‘420’ Forehead Tattoo?

What we have here is our modern day Scarlet Letter. By her own will–though likely blinded by a muddled hazy mess of foreign substances–Ms. Tabitha West branded herself with a fat, whalloping ‘420’ across her forehead. Tabitha West argues her case on her GoFundMe page:

I am wanti,g $ to get that tattoo off my for head I want to have a better start out in life and have a second chance at life please help me I was young n dumb when I got that I’m older one looking for a job can’t get out and people call me a druggie every day of my life and being called 420 is not nice and I almost killed my self over it. ..can’t stand to look at my face anymore. .save a life save me..invest in me and I will show you I can be better with my life. ..thank you


Erica Avery, her alleged brother (still not sure what’s going on there) who seemed to be halfway through his 17th quart of Steel Reserve, or on his phone, but late for kickball at recess was quick to the punch. Avery proclaimed his sister’s mentally handicapped, and went on to remind her that this is not what the site’s for. I don’t know though man, like the whole $915 donations speak to a different kind of conclusion.

pic 1

I mean on the other hand though, obviously Dezere wasn’t having none of it.

Then your friendly neighborhood sleeve tattoo, Mr. Paul Kriner stopped in for a quick drag, and dropped some literal half-baked wisdom to throw some fire on the whole clusterfuck. By the way Paul, dude, maybe go to one of those places.

paul kriner pic 1

If this woman does indeed take home her donations, let’s hope she puts those gold coins to good use; that she burns whatever might’ve been left of the devil’s lettuce; that she pawns off any possible smoking devices; and that she makes some better goddamn decisions.

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