Finally, Science Answers The Question, ‘Does A Wingman Really Help You Hook Up With Women?’

does a wingman help

YouTube - AsapSCIENCE

It’s a pretty common notion that bros seem to do better with the ladies when they have a wingman on hand during the night’s festivities. But is that really true?

Thanks to SCIENCE, we now have the answer. Well, AsapSCIENCE to be more exact.

According to them, first off, everyone looks better in a group setting. Makes sense, I suppose.

Then they compared having a wingman to how wild turkeys, fireflies and some birds I’ve never heard of work when paired up and lost me for a little bit.

Overall, however, the main takeaway here is that yes, having a wingman can indeed help you score with the ladies. But we already knew that because we’re so smart, didn’t we?

For all of the actual hows and whys, if you’re interested in that sort of thing, luckily there is a video for you to watch right here…

And if that doesn’t work, you could always just have your grandparents help you out like this guy…

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