Donald Trump Came Out Firing At The GOP Debate And It Was Amazing, Here Are His Best Zingers Of The Night

by 4 years ago
Donald Trump


Listen I would never vote for Donald Trump. I don’t agree with any of his politics and I think he’s a fool but I have to respect the man for saying whatever he want without sounding like a robot. That’s something you can’t say about 90 percent of politicians who rehearse all of their answers in front of focus groups over and over again.

Thursday night at the GOP debate was no different. Trump, who said he hadn’t rehearsed at all for the debate, came out firing and put on a show.

It all started with a simple hand raising question.

Is there someone on stage who is unwilling to pledge their support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and won’t make the pledge to run an independent campaign against that person/

Guess who raised his hand.

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