Donald Trump Just Asked Russia To Please Keep Hacking The United States

I know every day in the 2016 election brings us some new, unprecedented event, and I’m running out of ways to write this type of lede without sounding like a perpetual Chicken Little, but fuck, this is a first.

A nominee for president of the United States asked a foreign power to attack the United States.

Donald Trump gave a press conference today in Florida in which he said he hoped Russia had 1. Hacked Hillary Clinton’s email, 2. Has the tens of thousands of deleted emails from her server, and, if they don’t, 3. Continue hacking until they do.

Look Hillary Clinton fucked up big time and should be taken to task every time for her actions. But a presidential candidate hoping the security of the United States has been compromised? And if it hasn’t, that it soon will be? By one of our biggest adversaries?

Yea, that’s a lot. That’s a lot of what you don’t want.

Meanwhile, this comes on the heels of accusations that Russia is attempting to help Trump by leaking the DNC emails.

(Remember, all throughout his convention, speakers blasted Clinton for strengthening Russia.)

He also said it was probably China who hacked the DNC.

Oh. Okay.

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