Little Girls Performing A Song And Dance Routine In Support Of Donald Trump Will Frighten, Confuse And Terrify You

At what point did the 2016 election, already farcical past the point of human comprehension, move beyond the realms of even self-parody and into something most Dadaists would struggle to interpret?

I would argue at this precise moment, with this Donald Trump rally, which opened with a Kidz Pop version of a South Park take on a John Phillips Souza march for a fascist performed by three small girls.

Ameri-tude. USA! American pride. USA! It’s attitude, it’s who we are, stand up tall. We’re the red, white and blue, fiercely free, that’s who, our colors don’t run no siree.

This is real, man. This is real.

[H/T @AdamWeinstein]

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