Donald Trump Makes Baseless Claim He Would Have Won Popular Vote If It Weren’t For ‘Millions Of People Who Voted Illegally’

This weekend, the Hillary Clinton campaign jumped on board Jill Stein’s effort to get a recount in the presidential election for the states of Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. The Trump campaign responded by Kellyanne Conway calling the Clinton campaign “sore losers.”

Trump responded by responding with several tweets where he said Stein’s efforts a “scam” and calling Clinton’s decision to appeal the election results as hypocritical.

Trump then said he won the Electoral College by a “landslide” (Trump – 290 / Clinton – 232). The President-elect also said that he would have “won the popular vote if you deduct the millions of people who voted illegally.”

Hillary Clinton secured 64.22 million votes compared to Trump’s 62.21 million in the latest tally.

Trump did not cite sources for what justified him saying that there were millions of people who voted illegally. Many believe that Trump is getting his numbers from a tweet by Gregg Phillips, a former Texas Health and Human Services Commission deputy commissioner, on Nov. 13.

These numbers have not been verified by any other sources.

Weeks after making the statement, Phillips, who is a self-described “conservative,” has yet to put forth any evidence of his claims except by saying, “We have proof.”

Snopes checked into the claim and responded by saying, “zero evidence has been put forth to support the widely parroted claim that 3 million ‘illegal aliens’ voted in the 2016 presidential election,” and labeled the claim as “unproven.”

Trump also mentioned voter fraud in the states of California, New Hampshire, and Virginia.

While he did not note specific reasons, there were stories before the election noting that there were possible voter violations in California, New Hamsphire, and Virginia.

Dude, you won, take it easy and bask in the victory.