Watch This Douchebag With A Camera And Semi-Automatic Rifle Get Owned By A Cop

These dudes got owned. They wanted to film a pissed off cop who would make procedural mistakes they could put on YouTube, instead they filmed a professional who reminded them they’re nothing more than some Internet scholars and took them down a peg or two.

This poor neckbeard was just out on the streets carrying his semi-automatic rifle and trying to bait officers of the law into some sort of hostile confrontation on camera. The cameraman and his buddy just wanted some footage of angry cops they could put on YouTube to show their friends, and tell the world how stupid cops are, and how they’re brilliant Americans because they carry once scored 1,100 on their SAT’s and have memorized the open carry laws in order to bait officers into confrontation in the streets.

How can you tell if it’s an automatic weapon just by looking at it? You can’t, that’s why he took the weapon to test it.

Are you being detained? Yes. He’s testing your goddamn equipment. He’s not seizing anything, he’s making sure you aren’t breaking the law.

To top it all off he invited them to a citizen’s academy and kept complimenting him for exercising his right to open carry. This video was perfect.

UPDATE: As it turns out the video I embedded this morning was removed due to copyright infringement, and I’ve since swapped it out for the original above…The original though, that’s from 2012, so this video’s quite old, and I feel like a bit of an idiot for not doing my due diligence beforehand and knowing that. I feel like I’ve let you bros down. Either way, this is still an awesome video and the cop completely owns that dude.