Driver Road Rages On Helpless Old Man Until Bystander Steps In And Knocks Him Out

I’ve had road rage consume me which made me punch my steering wheel as well as wish truly horrible things on the other driver. However that’s as far as it goes. I say everything in the security of my vehicle with the windows closed because you never really know how big the other driver is or if they have a firearm. But if I see that it’s an old lady, then I scream at her because I’m a tough guy like that. This hardo has the same philosophy of attacking the old and weak, but it backfires tremendously.

Apparently the old man driving the tractor trailer hit this prick’s car, but I don’t see any damage whatsoever. So why he’s flying into a fit of road rage over his car maybe scratched is beyond me.

The video begins with him shoving the elderly gentleman to the ground. Then he verbally berates him over the incident. When the gray-haired man attempts to get up he gets pummeled with punches and manhandled to the ground.

Despite being filmed while he assaults a man, this fucko asks the onlooker to call 911. That’s how dumb this bullying twat is.

When another man comes to help quell the situation, he is also scolded by the hothead. Well this man is larger and not 87-years-old. He isn’t tolerating this fuckhead’s temper tantrum. And BOOM! He knocked him the fuck out! Or at least that’s what I think happened.

Hey guy recording this situation, you had one job; CAPTURE THE FUCKING KNOCKOUT ON VIDEO!

He didn’t get the knockout on film, but you do see the road raging idiot on the ground.

The old geezer has the commentary of the video by telling his hero, “Nice shot.”

The moral of the story is: Keep your road rage in your own vehicle and don’t get knocked out.