Horrific Moment Angry Driver Smashes Into Motorcyclist After He Told Them To Stop Texting

At this point everyone should know that texting while driving is extremely dangerous. The enticing distraction can rob you of the precious seconds it takes to avoid a horrendous accident. Samuel David Ayres understands the perils of being on a phone while driving, especially since he is a motorcyclist who could get wrecked by drivers of larger vehicles that are paying attention to their phones and not the roads. Ayres learned a very painful lesson that some people feel the need to check out their phones at all times.

On March 26, Ayres was on his motorcycle when he noticed a driver of a BMW was on his phone. Being a concerned driver, Ayres told the distracted driver to stop using their phone while they were both at a red light on La Cienega Boulevard in Los Angeles, California. “Put down your fucking phone, you’re in your car,” he yelled at the driver.

The light turned green and both vehicles went on their merry ways. Or so it would appear. Apparently the BMW driver took exception to the safety warning. Seconds later, the car purposely rammed Ayres, crashing him to the pavement. The BMW quickly sped off.

Ayres suffered two hairline fractures in his left shoulder, a broken left foot that required surgery and a severe concussion; one that was so debilitating that caused him to forget what day, month and year it was.

Samuel was faced with paying several thousand dollars for health insurance. He is currently asking for donations on a crowdfunding site. His goal is $5,000 and currently has over $3,600.

Meanwhile authorities are still searching for the driver who will likely be charged with assault and felony hit-and-run.

Get the fuck off your phone while you’re driving people.