Watch This Speedy Drone Almost Take This Poor Bastard’s Head Clean Off

by 4 years ago

Yikes. Poor bastard’s just out taking a leisurely morning stroll trying to avoid his nagging wife for an hour and an unmanned aerial vehicle just sends him to the pavement and fucks up his day. Like if you almost get decapitated by a drone, your day is over. I’m a big believer in the world working in mysterious ways and if you get drilled by a flying robot to start your day, nothing else will work in your favor. Go home, hop into bed, and just stay out of the world’s way for 24 hours. No ones been concussed by a drone and won the lottery in the same day. I’m not bullshitting. Check the internet, he’ll tell ya. Everyone who’s won the lottery has had a drone free day. Facts only, bro. See you tomorrow.