This Man Talking About Dropping His Hot Pocket During Gun Violence Is 2016’s Best News Interview


Hot Pockets

We’ve really only had one big viral news interview in 2016, and that was Michelle Dobyne talking about a fire at the Casa Linda Apartments back in early January. The new challenger for best news interview of 2016 involves gunshots and Hot Pockets.

We take you to Blytheville, Arkansas where gun violence has exploded. There was seven shootings just from Wednesday afternoon into Thursday morning.

Region 8 News interviewed Robert Moss and Merrendes Jackson about the frightening situation in their home town.

“I just kept hearing it,” Moss said. “I was ducking and everything in the house. I mean, I got scared.”

Jackson was even more affected by the gunfire that has turned his neighborhood into a war zone.

“I dropped my Hot Pocket. Like I heard them, it was like they were firing back and forth at each other. I was like what is that. It sounded like a firecracker at first.”

It hurts just thinking about this, not really emotionally, but the roof of my mouth aches just thinking about losing a Hot Pocket to senseless gun violence.

I want to pour out a little liquor for that Hot Pocket.