Drug Dog Passes Away After Accidentally Ingesting Drugs

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UPDATE: It is with heavy heart that despite his doctor’s optimistic prognosis, Barney past away today. Thank you for your service Barney. 

That’s Barney up there. Barney’s a drug-sniffing dog, but apparently he’s also a drug-eating dog, because that’s what he did this week.

On a raid as part of a narcotics investigation, 11-year-old Barney uncovered some meth, then he ate some meth. Don’t eat the evidence, Barney. That’s bad policing. I wonder if he will be reprimanded. Maybe placed on crate duty for awhile. From The Seattle Times:

[Drug] dogs usually signal when drugs are present by placing their noses on the substance. But in this case, the drugs were unwrapped and Barney came in direct contact with the meth.

Police say Barney had a body temperature of 109 and was having seizures when they took him to the BluePearl Veterinary Hospital on Tuesday night.

By Wednesday morning, he was becoming more alert and responsive.

The police expect Barney to make a full recovery.

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