Drunk Aussie Bros Stop A Robbery Then Give An Absolutely Hilarious TV Interview

by 4 years ago


It’s summer down under in Australia, which means that Aussie Bros are up to their usual shenanigans: Drinkin’ beer all day, surfing, being insane degenerates who DGAF about anything.

These two Aussie blokes, however, are crime-fighting heroes. While piss drunk in the parking lot of a gas station, they spotted two thugs trying to rob the station. Here’s how bloke-tastic Aussie party site Lost In E Minor describes the incident:

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen were ‘chilling’ at the Arundel service station (as you do) late at night after a stubbies and singlets party, when they saw people breaking into the shop. Dressed only in shorts and thongs, James thought on his feet and stole the car keys from the ignition, making sure the criminals couldn’t get away.

This is 2016, so the whole thing was recorded on video:

Yesterday James and Kane went on Australia’s Today Show to give the interview of the century, though it’s tough for my dumb American ears to understand through their think Aussie-accents:

“The only gym I go to is Jim Beam”

Goddamn right. Stay woke, Aussie Bros. And never, ever change you crazy animals.

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