Drunk Bro Thinks He Can Manhandle an Alligator, Cannot

If you see an alligator on the road blocking your path, what should you do?

The answer, per The Humane Society of the United States, is run it the fuck over. Alligators have been around since the literal dawn of time (THEY ARE ACTUAL DINOSAURS) and are desperate for the sweet release of death. Plus, I bet it makes a great squishy sound when your do it. Squish.

But Glen Bonin in Louisiana was like NAH B I’ll just wrap my tee-shirt around its jaws and pull it by its tail to the side of the road and then get back into my car.

Things did not go as planned. Video NSFW-ish due to dude getting bitten by an alligator and subsequent shots of his mangled hand.

This could have also been avoided by not drinking and driving, but this is Louisiana so HA.

[H/T Mentality Mag]