Drunk Driver Rams Minivan In Fit Of Road Rage, Hits Pole And Crashes Into Trees

It’s two days after Christmas, Santa didn’t give you a puppy or a purpose in life under your tree. So what are you to do with all this disappointment? Why not drink til you shit your pants in the middle of the day and then go drunk drive on a busy highway!

This gentleman in the white van appears to have diminished hand-eye coordination which has directly affected his driving abilities. The driver not only seems to be inebriated, but also has road rage as he plays bumper cars with the minivan on a highway in St. Charles, Illinois. You know, cause minivans are usually transporting little kids so they’re always a good target.

The minivan nearly comes to a complete stop on the road in an attempt to avoid the van. However the van also slows down and stalks the minivan. Then when the minivan attempts to drive ahead, the van rams it from behind.

The minivan speeds up even more and the apparently drunk driver follows, but can’t handle his vehicle. He nearly hits a SUV, swerves directly into oncoming traffic, smashes into a light pole and then crashes into a forest.

Please sit your drunk ass at home on your next depressing Christmas.