Drunk Dude Who Doesn’t Shut His Mouth Gets Put To Sleep With Two Vicious Right Hooks

See this dude with the enormous yellow backpack slumped on the ground unconscious? Before he got nearly paralysed, he kept yapping and yapping. He does not know when to shut his mouth. This supposedly drunk motherfucker just keeps poppin’ off to a much larger gentleman while they are waiting for the train in the 30th Street Station in Philly. Now if you know anything about the city of brotherly love, you know that there are straight up killers who do not play whatsoever. This youngin’ doesn’t know. And learns the hard way.

He is instigating a very large man and when he gets close to him, he is welcomed with a vicious right hook. He stumbles, but stays on his feet, yet continues to talk. Then the guy has heard enough and puts the drunk dude out cold with a lightning quick punch.

I like how the peanut gallery chimes in, “He told ya brah, he told ya brah” and “night, night my man.”

Some advice: 1.) Take that ginormous and hefty bag off your shoulders before you engage some massive dude in the subway. 2.) If you’re gonna fuck with someone in the subway make sure it isn’t the biggest monster out there that looks like Tyreese Williams from The Walking Dead.