Dude Gets Caught Cheating By His Two Girlfriends Who Put Him On Blast On Facebook Live

Facebook Live is fun. You can stream important events to friends and family. Your nana in Tuscaloosa can see you blow out the candles on your 21st birthday cake in El Paso. Your bro in Kennebunkport, who’s wife wouldn’t let him go to your bachelor party in Vegas, can watch live video of stripper perform ping pong ball tricks in your hotel room at the Mirage. But not all things on Facebook Live are super fun. This dude not only gets caught cheating by two of his girlfriends, but then has his humiliation broadcast on Facebook for everyone to see.

These two ladies found out that they were banging the same guy. The one girl who appears to be the main chick was given his passwords to “his shit.” She quickly found out that her man was cheating with the girl in the video and they became friends and devised this devious plan to confront him on Facebook Live.

The gentleman went to the sidechick’s house with Chinese food and expectations to have sexual relations. SURPRISE! His main chick answers the door. This guy is fucked, but not in the meaning that he was hoping for. The player even had plans to see two other girls the next day.

At this point, there is no mending the torn relationships so he might as well rear back and throw a desperate Hell Mary. Ask the two lovers if they would be interested in a menage trios. What the fuck does this guy have to lose?

On the bright side, that dude gets to go home and doesn’t have to share the General Tso’s chicken with anyone. I just hope his tears don’t make the egg rolls soggy. But then again, he does hate two dates the next day, sooooo he can’t be too broken up.

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