Dude FaceTimed The Wrong Number And Ending Up Becoming Homies With A 15-Year-Old Ginger Bro

Don’t talk to strangers, mom said. But strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet, the man in the windowless black van said. We were all raised with conflicting protocols on how to deal with strangers, but sometimes you have to trust your instinct and have faith that the man who fat-fingered a Face Time call to his friend and ended up dialing your 15-year-old ginger self could be your homie for life.

And that’s exactly what went down when Chicago-native Rell Hill accidentally Face Timed this middle school kid, who popped up on his screen with this toothy smile.

Hill wrote in a Facebook post:


“So the other day I thought I was callin’ my homie but I guess it was the wrong number . “This lil white Boi picked up talking bout how you get my number  .”

Instead of immediately hanging up on the kid, which would be the popular choice, Hill decided to have a full-blown 15 minute conversation with him, asking him what’s good.

“I was just like, ‘What’s up?’ ‘What are you doing?’ ‘How old are you?’” Hill told Buzzfeed.

“His homie was in the back dancing,” Hill added.

“We were talking to each other like we knew each other.”

Hill took to Facebook to say that his unlikely friend was chill AF.

“He was just a cool-ass kid.”

“That’s my lil homie forever .”

This story is an instant classic. These dudes gotta get matching tattoos in a few years when the ginger is old enough.

[h/t Buzzfeed]

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