Dude Starts Fight And Bruh, He Shouldn’t Have Because He Got Knocked Out From A Body Slam

I have been in one fight in my entire life and I only fought because I knew for fucking sure that I would kick that old lady’s ass when she took my seat on the bus. If I’m going to get physically battered, I’m only engaging in fights that I know that I’m going to win. I’m not in the business of taking the “L” and getting my face bashed in. So I automatically square up my combatant and must be 98.9 percent sure that I can beat up that person. This individual doesn’t take the same precautions and pays dearly.

The guy tells the shirtless gentleman that he doesn’t want to fight, but he doesn’t heed his warning. He slaps him right in the mouth and then it’s on. At first the fella wearing a shirt takes it easy on the agitator by only slapping him, but when he fights back it’s fists of fucking fury. Seconds later he ends the donnybrook by hoisting him in the air and then body slamming him on his head. This is a perfect example of why you should never be meeking.

Meeking – (Verb) Definition: Starting something you can’t finish.