Dude Bites Into His KFC Chicken Breast And GOO! Colonel Sanders You Sick BASTARD!

When I bite into a KFC chicken thigh, which I often do when I’m feeling sad and particularly low on myself, I expect to taste nothing but crispy, artery-clogging, goodness. Sure, I may bite into some rubbery cartilage and some excessively blackish bites here and there, but I didn’t go to KFC for grass-fed, free range, college educated chicken. I went there because I just got dumped.

You mustn’t have high hopes for a restaurant chain that sells this:

But there are certain standards of which even I keep and what this Australian dude found when he bit into his KFC chicken breast was repulsive.

Marc Nicholls, a 30-year-old IT Technician, bought a three piece from an Australian KFC and chewed into what he thought was chicken breast but certainly did not look like a chicken tit.

It’s a fucking lung that looks like a pack of ramen noodles. Now if it were just a lung that looked like a lung, I might not make a stink about it. But that shit looks like Hannibal Lecter tied up Colonel Sanders and took over the kitchen.

Look at this shit.

Nicholls told Daily Mail,

“It was disgusting, it was absolutely vile. I pulled a piece off, then found that and spat the rest out. You don’t expect to have that type of crap in your food when you go to KFC.”


[h/t Daily Mail]

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