I’d Like To Be A Fly On The Wall To Hear This Dude Explain The Meaning Of His ‘DAMN DANIEL’ Tattoo To His Future Children

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For most of us, the super-viral ‘Damn Daniel’ meme has had the lifespan of a bouquet of flowers. We welcomed it into our home, maybe even shared it on social media, but by this time its as cool to like as a Coldplay song. Referencing ‘Damn Daniel’ today is the equivalent to answering a phone call by yelling “WAZZZZZAAAAAAA!” It’s now as hip as a pair of jean cargo shorts. JNCOs even.

For most of us.

But for an Austin, Texas native named Daniel Howland, the meme will follow him to his grave. Unless he cuts his leg off, which he may consider down the road. Which he *should consider down the road.

“Daddy, what does this one mean?”

“Well, son. There was this 30-second video back in February of 2016 where a high school kid followed his friend around school every day complimenting his outfits by repeating the phrase ‘Damn Daniel.’ Get it?! Hilarious.”

“Am I adopted, daddy? Please tell me I’m adopted.”

“Wait, son, where are you going. I’ve got a more meaningful one to explain!”

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@nickyork9000 did a thing on my leg

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It takes a special type of asshole to get a shitty fad tattoo. Losers only.

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