Dude Goes Totally Nuclear At A Tim Horton’s After He’s Denied A Coffee For Being 10 Cents Short

by 3 years ago

The only context we have for this scintillating scene at a Tim Horton’s in Toronto is what’s written on the YouTube video description:

Tim Hortons employee fight with a mental disabled man because he was 10 cents short for a coffee.

I haven’t seen this much fireworks over 10 cents since I snaked out of paying your mother for that handjob back in 1991. I’m just kidding dude. It was a blowjob.

But for real, the service employees who deny a purchase over anything less than 15 cents are the same kinds of people who take the leftover beers they brought to the party home with them. Under no circumstance will you ever get more than you deserve. You can’t flush the toilet in their apartment without getting Vemo requested for your share of the month’s water bill. Whatever happened to people helping people? I think that flew out the window when people opted to film these scenes instead of diffusing them. Hating on that behavior would be hypocritical, considering these videos are what pays my rent. Which I’m going to be 10 cents short on this month. I wonder how my landlord’s going to take that news.

…maybe I’ll just turn in a couple aluminum cans.

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