Dude Lost His Pants During Wild And Drunken Night Out, The Internet Comes To His Rescue

You go out drinking. You get completely plastered. You wake up the next morning with regurgitated half-digested pizza nuggets in your mouth. You look around the spinning room and notice even more half-digested pizza in a bucket and on the floor. You go to grab your phone from your nightstand and it’s not there. You check your pants you wore last night and no phone. You lost your phone in a night of blackout shenanigans the evening before. It’s fairly easy to lose your phone during a night of merriment. However, Andy Gaudry took his inebriated celebratory antics to a new level by not only losing his phone, but he also misplaced his wallet and somehow he lost his pants.

Gaudry was in Halifax, Nova Scotia, to celebrate his grandmother’s 80th birthday. And of course nana’s 80th birthday party got lit as fuck. Andy partied with his cousins who he hadn’t seen in some time.

Nana’s bday rager was no joke and continued into the wee hours of the morning at bar. The party went until 4 a.m., and then Gaudry finally retired to his hotel room. The next very disoriented morning, Andy had his underwear and shoes on. No pants. Bewildered by his pantsless exploits, he took to Reddit to see if anyone had seen his pantaloons.

Reddit AKA the brotherhood of baffling pants were quick to give hypotheses as to where the missing trousers were. Word got around to the Marriot where Gaudry was staying at, and they tweeted out a pic of the recovered pants.

The hotel’s staff also tweeted a picture of the recovered slacks.

Once again, the internet saves the day!


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