Asswipe Slaps Sister, A Mountain Named ‘Bubba’ Intervenes And Smacks POS Brother Into Next Week

A brother and sister went out for some adult beverages at the local watering hole. The brother at some point lost his shirt and his soberness. A fight breaks out between the siblings (Probably because he owes her child support) and she tries to push him out of the bar. The choad attacks his sister and slaps her.

Then the biggest guy in the bar, in the town, in the state, named “Bubba” moseys on down to stop the fight.

Bubba channels his inner Big Show and slaps the dude so hard that it is heard three states over.

Bubba slapped him so hard that now the shirtless guy is smart.

Bubba slapped him so so hard the dickwad’s great-grandkids are gonna invent time-travel just to come back and stop Bubba from originally slapping the brother.

Usually, brothers from the deep south make love to their sisters, not war.

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