Watch This Dude Shatter His Girlfriend’s Dreams With This Ice Cold Marriage Proposal Prank


Pranking a girl about marriage is as taboo for women as her fucking your brother is taboo to you. Most girls have been dreaming about the moment their Prince Charming drops down on one knee for their entire lives. They have every detail meticulously mapped out–from her outfit to the goddamn dew point in the air. And to watch 20 years of dreams be mocked and ridiculed for a cheap viral gag is like Leonardo da Vinci’s wife using a sharpie to draw cock and balls on Mona Lisa’s face as he was putting the finishing touches on it. You could literally see all hope drain from this poor girl’s face. I hope to God if this dude actually does propose for real, she stiff arms him at the alter and starts making out with his brother–“HA HA get it? I was screwing your brother the whole time! WHAT A HOOT!”

Shit, judging from the dude’s Facebook comment, it looks like that scenario is very unlikely. Maybe it’s laced with laxatives. We can only hope.

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