These Dudes Outsmarted An Asshole Airline That Wanted to Charge Them $130 for Their ‘Overweight’ Carry-Ons

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All of the extra fees being imposed by airlines these days is getting to be fucking ridiculous. I have a solution, though, which I’ll gladly unveil after you read about the airline fuckery these dudes endured.

According to the story posted on Reddit

These two guys were flying to Singapore from Sydney and their carryon was over the “free” weight limit so the airline, Scoot, wanted to charge them $130. Apparently when they started putting on the clothes the airline agent told them something along the lines of “I am going to come to the gate and make sure you are still wearing everything”

Stupid. So stupid.

There is an obvious solution here. And it’s not forcing the passenger to pull a Joey Tribbiani.


Weigh everything and everyone. It takes 5 seconds to step on a scale with all your shit. It’s another layer of complexity to an already complex process, but making these guys pay for their carry-ons probably took way more time. Not to mention, it’s TOTAL bullshit that once they took the stuff out of their bags weight is no longer an issue. Clearly they weren’t charging them because of a safety issue. If the airline thought overhead compartments were going to get ripped from the ceiling, I doubt an extra $130 would have made a dent in the repair costs.

If weight is such a goddamn point of importance to these airlines, they should set a specific weight that a person plus that person’s baggage can weigh. Anything over that number costs extra. It’s that simple. For all I know, these guys would still be in violation, maybe they stuffed their checked-in bags tighter than a Thanksgiving turk, but with a weigh-everything policy, you’re at least penalizing the right people. And those people are assholes who overpack, fat slobs, and no one else.

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