The Most INSANE Girl Ever Dumped Her Boyfriend Using TWENTY-FIVE Different Taylor Swift Songs In A Letter

I’m just going to throw it out there:

If you’re looking to Taylor Swift when it comes to relationship advice, you’d have better luck digging around in a septic tank for diamonds.

Who listens to a T-Swift song and thinks to themselves “Wow, what a stable individual who clearly has a deep emotional maturity that I can only wish to some day achieve”? By the time I finish writing this sentence Taylor’s already dated 4 guys, been dumped by 3 and the 4th is in the process of sending her a text along the lines of “You don’t belong with me. Ever. GTFO.”

So to whoever was on the receiving end of this letter, consider yourself lucky for having dodged a nuclear warhead.

[H/T Total Sorority Move, header image via Shutterstock]