This Woman Got Dumped By Her Politician Husband Because The Selfies She Put Up On Instagram Were TOO Hot

by 4 years ago


Which would you rather have: a cult-like Internet following or your significant other? I’d like to think that most people would choose the person they’ve fallen in love with other petty Internet fame, but most people aren’t Alena Politukha, 32. You see, Alena’s husband is Aleksandr Politukha, a politician and head of their local council, which means that it probably looks really bad when he’s trying to be all business-y and official while his wife is fucking around on Instagram with her butt hanging out:

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with flopping your butt all over Insta, but you’d think that some discretion would be smart considering your husband is trying to make bank in politics. Or not. What do I know? I don’t have 204,000 followers like Alena does. Hell, I don’t even HAVE an Instagram, which I guess means that I’m just a salty peasant doomed to live out the rest of my days digging around in dirt and squalor. To be fair to myself though, at least I’m not in the process of getting divorced, all because I wouldn’t stop throwing up pictures of myself in various states of undress onto social media.

Blond bombshell Alena Politukha, 32, hit out at her ex complaining that she and her young son have been left with nothing after Aleksandr Politukha suddenly walked out the front door and did not come back. She has since found out that he has filed for divorce.

…an insider to the couple claimed he was unhappy about her habit of posting selfies which had won her an army of followers – but alienated her husband.

Via Mirror
Rather than say, I dunno, save her marriage and dip the fuck outta Twitter and Instagram, Alena decided that having a relatively irrelevant following in terms of Internet stardom was more important and continued to throw up pictures of herself that would make Monica Lewinsky blush. Not that you care though; you came here for the boobs with a side of divorce. Don’t be embarrassed! Let’s just skip to the boobs and ignore the drama, shall we?



[Images via Instagram and Twitter, H/T Mirror]