‘Epic Hoverboard Front Flip’ Is A New Contender For Best FAIL Video Of 2016, And I Can’t Stop Watching It


YouTube / Cherie Mahoney

If I had to really nitpick I’d say THE ONLY thing missing from this video is some jabroni running in there at the last second and pulling that ‘HA HA HA’ moment, and the Unexpected Thug Life music kicking in. That’s just me reaching though, because this really is the perfect viral video:

Seriously, let’s look at the evidence for this being the perfect viral video:

(1) It’s short and sweet.
(2) It has a headline that makes you want to click and watch but doesn’t give away the punchline.
(3) The headline was moderately misleading but also 100% truthful, it was an epic front flip even though the aforementioned epic front flip was never landed.
(4) The video sheds light on one of the dumbest fads in society right now.
(5) Someone fell, people always love to watch someone else falling down.
(6) This was a flawless execution of slow-mo video. It’s like the slow-motion footage only added to the crescendo before the video climaxed with the ‘epic’ portion of the headline, only instead of a perfectly executed front flip it was an ‘epic fail’.
(7) Go back and read everything above if you’re still not convinced.

Before you go let’s all watch that once more in GIF:

I could seriously watch that all day. Now go forth into the world and SHARE THIS WITH YOUR BROS because everyone wants to laugh at a person busting ass on one of these segway hoverboards (or self-balancing scooters, whatever you want to call them)!

(h/t Reddit/Videos)